BHSMC Calendar List

Tsog Offering to Guru Rinpoche ཚོགས་ཀྱི་འཁོར་ལོ & Anniversary of Guru Sengey Dradok, one of Guru Rinpoche's manifestations

2018/06/23 - 19:00

June 23rd marks the 10th day of the lunar calendar when the male energy of skillful means is most prevalent. 

This day also marks the Anniversary of Guru Sengey Dradok, one of Guru Rinpoche's manifestations. On the 10th day of the month of the Monkey, when the Tirthikas from South India tried to cause great harm to the Dharma, Guru Rinpoche vanquished the Tirthikas and their gods and guardians into dust with his great powers.  Waving triumphantly the Victory Banner of the Dharma, he became known as Guru Sengey Dradok, the Guru who roars like a lion.

Kurukulla puja

2018/02/11 - 15:00

The Goddess Kurukulla is invoked for the controlling activities of subjugating, magnetizing, and attracting. She is extremely seductive: her red color and subjugating flower-attributes emphasize her more mundane activity of enchanting men and women, ministers and kings, through the bewitching power love.

Green Tara puja study session

2018/01/16 - 19:00

This prayer pays homage to Tara, to create causes to attain enlightenment as well as avert obstacles and ensure success in worldly spiritual affairs. Green Tara is known as a Swift Liberator, commonly believed to be born from the tears of Bodhisattva Avolokiteshvara, Tara materialized and vowed to assist Him in the battle to reverse the tides of Samsara.

Dorje Phurba Puja

2018/01/14 - 15:00

This practice is renowned for its immense power and swiftness to cleanse negativities, pacify hostile forces and remove obstacles on the path to enlightenment, as well as worldly endeavors, which is so prevalent in this time of degeneration.