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Kurukulla empowerment puja

2014/02/15 - 15:00

Kurukulla appears to have become popular originally, and she remains so even among the Tibetans today, because of her association with the magical function of enchantment (dbang gi ‘phrin-las) or the bewitching of people in order to bring them under one’s power (dbang du bsdud). Red Tara, also known as Kurukulla, is according to M. Foucher, 'the heart of Tara' (Etude sur l'Iconographie bouddhique de l' Inde, Paris, 1900). She is worshipped by unhappy lovers, and is believed to be particularly successful in bewitching men and women.

Thousand-armed Avalokiteśvara Meditation Session (Taoyuan)

2014/02/14 - 19:00

The routine meditation session on the 15th day of Tibetan Calendar

  • Location: : No.21, Ln. 101, Gaoshuang Rd., Pingzhen City, Taoyuan County 324, Taiwan
  • Time: PM07:00
  • TEL: 03-4942362
  • Please bring a tsog offerings such as candy, cookies, chips, cheese, meat, grape juice or wine, fruits, nuts and flowers.

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21 Jambhala puja ~ Thokmeth Rinpoche happy birthday

2014/02/09 - 15:00

Wishing Fulfilling Prayers to attract, magnetise and protect wealth, you attend this program to cultivate generosity to all beings while attracting prosperity and abundance through hearing, and reciting the sadhana of 21 Zambala deities.
19:00 Tsog Offering to Guru Rinpoche & khentrul Thokmeth Rinpoche birthday party

Detail: 21 Zambala...
Detail: 21 Zambala vase

  • 21 Zambala vase are available

Year of the Horse: Offending the Tai Sui & Removing Obstacles

2014/02/08 - 15:00

The Tai Sui are stars directly opposite of Jupiter. In the Chinese zodiac, these 60 heavenly Soldiers, assist the Jade Emperor in taking charge of the well-being of the Mortal World. Each of them takes turn to be in charge for a year. Due to most of them having a military background, they are normally known as the Military Generals. Each of their features and weapons signifies the well-being of that year. For example, if the Tai Sui of the year is one who holds a pen, it signifies political unrest for that particular year.

Tsog Offering to Dakini

2014/01/26 - 19:00

Dakini is the female form of Energies in Tibetan Culture and beliefs. She appeared in many forms. As Vajrayogini, she is considered as the Mother of all Buddhas. As Prajna Paramita, she is considered as the Mother of Universe. As Yeshe Tsogyal, she is the Consort of Guru Rinpoche. She functioned as His consort in order to gather and codify His teachings, to be handed down to the future generations.

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