༄༅། །གདུགས་དཀར་ཟློག་པ་ནི། Glorious white umbrella : Usnisa-Sitatapatra

  • Posted on: 19 January 2014
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Surrounded by flames and radiating indomitable energy, the great protectress Usnisa-Sitãtapatrã stands on a blue lotus. She has a thousand heads and a thousand arms, and has an eye in the palm of each hand. In her main right hand she carries a flaming eight-spoked Dharma wheel, and in her left hand she holds a white umbrella, an auspicious emblem which protects living beings from the heat of desire. Below her feet are representations of jealousy, greed, and other forces that bind one to suffering, all suppressed by Usnisa-Sitãtapatrã’s boundless energy and compassion. Directly above her is the Buddha Sakyamuni; in the circle to the right are White Tãrã and Green Tarã, with one of the five great protectresses (probably Mahapratisara); in the circle to the left are the Buddha Amitãbha, White Tãrã, and the eight-armed Usnisavijayã, deities associated with longevity.

Usnisa-sitatapatra has strong and magic power to influence all living creatures with her noble moral. The white umbrella in her hand is one of the eight pieces of treasures which is said can be used to drive away monsters and bring peace.

༄༅། །གདུགས་དཀར་ཟློག་པ་ནི། Averting Obstacles through Sitātapatrā, Part of the context:

ཆག་ཆེ་ཉམ་ང་བཟློག་ཏུ་གསོལ། །
May tragedy and disaster be averted!

རྨི་ལམ་མཚན་མ་ངན་པ་ཟློག །
May all bad signs in dreams be dispelled!

རྟགས་དང་རྟེན་འབྲེལ་ངན་པ་ཟློག །
May all inauspicious omens and circumstances be averted!

དགྲ་འདྲེ་བསམ་སྦྱོར་ངན་པ་ཟློག །
May the malevolence and harm of enemies and hostile forces be averted!

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