ཆུ་གཏོར། The Water Torma

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The water offering is known as a water torma and is made with a mixture of water, mailk and grains. The ritual is performed with a ting-sha, ritual prayer and a water-offering set, which consists of a small metal bowl mounted upon a tripod, the feet of which rest in a larger metal bowl. The liguid is poured from a spouted water-pot into the smaller upper bowl until it spills over to fill the larger lower bowl. The liquid is then poured back into the water-pot, the ting-sha struck again, and the prayer repeated as the water is again poured into the upper bowl.

Hungry Ghosts Realm: Constant desire and greed! They can never have enough and they always want more. Sometimes the thing they want has something to do with a desire that consumed their in a past life. They're an addict and probably have a huge beer belly.

Some of the “features” of being a hungry ghost, the Hungry Ghosts have some differences, and they’re all basically the same.

  • They want to eat more than anything but they can never eat them.
  • They feed on corpses or eat human feces.
  • Some Hungry Ghosts find that they can eat their fill but not be able to drink anything. Others find they can drink there fill but their mouths are the size of pinholes so they cannot eat. Some are able to eat and drink anything, but it just turns to fire whenever they eat it.
  • With a bodhicitta motivation, specially prepared dough balls are offered to the 2 types of guests, transformed into oceans of nectar that satisfies them. Offering to the transcendental guests invokes their blessings while offering to the worldly beings dispels harms and repays our karmic debts.

      The 2 types of guests are:
    • Offering: Transcendental guests—lineage lamas, meditational deities, the 3 Jewels, Dharma protectors, sages and wealth deities
    • Giving: Hungry ghosts, Remaining guests, the most pitifully weak among the hungry ghosts, Spirits to whom we owe karmic debts from our past acts of killing, beating and stealing

    Through this act of giving, we accumulate the merit of practising generosity as well as the resulting benefits from having pleased the respective guests.

    Water Torma context:
    འཕགས་པ་སྤྱན་རས་གཟིགས་དབང་གིས། །ཕྱག་ནས་བབ་པའི་ཆུ་རྒྱུན་གྱིས།།
    May Four-armed Bodhisattva offers the blessing water,
    ཡི་དྭགས་རྣམས་ནི་ཚིམ་བྱས་ནས། །ཁྲུས་བྱས་རྟག་ཏུ་བསིལ་བར་ཤོག།
    Satisfied the hungry ghosts, and liberate them from suffering.

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