2019 Chotrul Duchen

2019/02/05 (All day) to 2019/02/19 (All day)

Chotrul Duchen

Celebrates the time when the Buddha is said to have displayed a different miracle each day, from the first to the fifteen day, to heighten faith and devotion of his disciples as well as to convince and inspire heretics, The day is Chötrul Düchen, which falls on the Tibetan lunar new year. Wished to challenge Lord Buddha and expressed to the King their intentions of holding a contest of miraculous powers with the Buddha, the leaders of the main philosophical schools of those days. With deep faith and reverence, the King conveyed the request to Buddha Śākyamuni. Śākyamuni agreed, and the contest began on the first day of the new year, lasted for fifteen days. Further deepen the faith of his followers, and inspired many to follow the Dharma, the Buddha displayed a different miracle each day for fifteen consecutive days, and, completely defeating all his opponents.