Blissful Path to the Ocean of Bodhichitta

  • Posted on: 11 January 2016
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The Blissful Path to the Ocean of Bodhicitta: A Brief Prayer of Aspiration for Mind Training

by Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

By the truth of the perfect mind of awakening
Generated by the supreme noble Lord Avalokiteśvara
And all the buddhas and bodhisattvas,
May the supreme mind of bodhicitta be born
In me and and in all other beings, as limitless as space.

May the causes and effects of beings' suffering—
Their involvement with the five poisons,
And painful experiences in the six classes,
All ripen on me! To them all, as limitless as space,
I offer the six perfections in my own mind,
And sources of virtue, free from the five poisons.

May all the realms of saṃsāra's six classes be emptied,
And may everyone attain the level of Avalokiteśvara,
In his six sublime families and with six types of wisdom.

May all disease, famine, belligerence, wrong views,
Impairments, transgressions, downfalls, harmful actions,
Self-cherishing, obstacles, harmful influences and impediments,
All ripen on me and me alone!
And to all these beings, who are as limitless as space
I dedicate long-life, glory, wealth, happiness, power,
Experience, realisation, and knowing, loving wisdom.
May they all, through supreme enlightened actions,
Attain the level of the most splendid Noble One!

In short, may all the causes and effects
Of egotism and self-cherishing ripen on me!
And may all beings gain a wealth of benefit and happiness,
And realise the meaning of emptiness and compassion!

May all beings, especially those who harm me,
Or who have developed a negative connection
Through seeing, hearing, thinking of, or encountering me,
Purify their obscurations, enter the path to enlightenment,
And attain awakening straightaway!

May I take the place of those experiencing the cause and effect
Of unbearable, extremely negative acts, and may they all
Purify obscurations and be born in realms of perfect bliss!

For the sake of all, but especially those who harm me,
May I remain only in the lower realms,
And may all beings, my very own mothers,
Escape samsara's ocean to reach liberation's shore.

The only basis for bodhicitta—
Kind enemies and harmful forces—
For your sake, I shall gladly give away
My body and my life—may you be benefitted!

When I attain complete enlightenment,
May you become the first in my circle,
And, just like the five original disciples,
Attain omniscience there and then!

From now until I attain enlightenment,
May I never be apart from you who do me harm,
And with calm, untroubled view and conduct,
May we set out together on the path to enlightenment.

May those who see me, hear me or think of me,
And also those who merely hear my name,
Or are simply touched by the same breath of wind,
Discard their obscurations and enter the way to peace!

All beings are my own parents, as limitless as space,
So how could I ever feel hostility towards them?
Wishing only to repay their kindness, and acting gently,
May I bring them, all at once, to enlightenment!

May beings never be harmed on my account,
Whether directly or indirectly,
And, through bringing them only benefit and happiness,
May I lead them all to the state of perfect bliss!

In each and every instant, may all limitless beings,
With skill in the means of liberation and the force of compassion,
Become just like Avalokiteśvara, Mañjuśrī,
And Vajrapāṇi, the Lord of Secrets.

May those who suffer and are difficult to tame,
Receive special loving care and guidance,
And may the compassionate prayers and aspirations
Of the Supreme Sage and the Lotus Born come true!

In the wisdom space of the equality of self and other,
Through the dawning of emptiness and compassion's power,
Just so the benefit of others may be secured,
May this prayer of aspiration swiftly be fulfilled!

This aspiration prayer for seeing adverse conditions as supports on the path to enlightenment encapsulates the words of the Jamgön Lama[1] and was written by Lodrö Drimé Ziji Rabtu Gawé Pal, a mendicant heir to the victorious buddhas, who ardently and devotedly follows the Mahāyāna path, as a result of the kindness of the perfect buddha of Shechen (i.e., Shechen Gyaltsab), who was a master of wondrous bodhicitta and a crowning jewel for beings in this degenerate age.