Drolma Yongdüe Puja (Taoyuan)

2018/01/21 - 14:00

Drolma Yongdue is a type of Tara ritual specially performed to eradicate obstacles. During this ritual, participants will place someone's cut fingernails, hair or clothing (worn and unwashed), together with the len-chag (a type of mold used for rubbing onto unwell body areas) into a receptacle called ‘Due’.

Today, we will put those symbolized as personal obstacles into the Red Envelope; as well as, arrange the envelope in the mandala.

Detail:Drolma Yongdue Puja

  • Without Alcohol, drugs, smoking, please diet as a vegan. Garlic, allium chinense, asafoetida, shallot, and mountain leek are avoided.
  • Fee: Tablet NTD500 ; Butter lamp offering NTD100
  • Removing Obstacles Personal stuffs: Clothing label, Small change, Fingernail. Put those into a red-envelope with your name & phone No.
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  • Bank:Taipei Fubon Bank Songjiang Branch
    Name: Taipei City BHSMC (Buddhist Higher Studies and Meditational Centre)