2016-12-28 Green Tara Puja

This prayer pays homage to Tara, to create causes to attain enlightenment as well as avert obstacles and ensure success in worldly spiritual affairs. Green Tara is known as a Swift Liberator, commonly believed to be born from the tears of Bodhisattva Avolokiteshvara, Tara materialized and vowed to assist Him in the battle to reverse the tides of Samsara. Through the strength of Her female form, she attained full enlightenment and was able to emanate myriad forms in order to aid sentient beings with the lightning swiftness. One of her best known forms is the assembly of 21 emanations (21 Arya Tara).

More Detail:  Green Tara Puja

The routine study session on the 30th day of Tibetan Calendar


  • New Taipei Center: 5F., No.50, Aly. 3, Ln. 182, Sec. 2, Wenhua Rd., Banqiao City, New Taipei City 220, Taiwan TEL:02-2253-7855
  • Taoyuan Center: No.21, Ln. 101, Gaoshuang Rd., Pingzhen City, Taoyuan County 324, Taiwan TEL:03-494-2362


  • You can bring some offerings to Center; such as, flower, fruit, candy, milk, and any food.
  • Date: On the 30th day of every month (Tibetan calendar)

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