BHSMC (Buddhist Higher Studies and Meditational Centre) is a non-profit organization, which established by Khentrul Thokmeth Rinpoche in year 2005.BHSMC is dedicated to develop Buddhist culture, knowledge and tradition. In addition, BHSMC is keen to provide helping to the people who intent to have spiritual growth through Buddhism education.

The purpose of BHSMC is to benefit all sentence beings by Buddha’s education; therefore, Khentrul Thokmeth Rinpoche devoted to preaching Buddha dharma to all beings from the concept of human & world peace.
Furthermore, in order to develop of Bhutan’s religion, culture and traditions, BHSMC is making effort to improve culture integration between Taiwan and Bhutan through kinds of activities and charities.

We believe the education of Buddha dharma can help people to overcome the difficulties of life and to gain the real happiness. Through activities of class sharing, Dharma Ceremony, meditation and volunteer for service, it can irrigate the bodicitta of people.

Our teachers are major from Bhutan. In order to develop the religion , culture and tradition, Khentrul Thokmeth Rinpoche was devoted to held activities which related to Bhutan’s and Buddhism culture.

In order to benefit all Sentence beings and increasing their wisdom and fortune, BHSMC is stand on the Nyingma, the most ancient Buddhism system.

Regularly activities

Follow routine schedule. The schedule will decided by Rinpoche,and the activity is normally held at 3pm on Saturday. For Guru/Dakini Offering, it will be held at 7pm in the dates specific designated by Rinpoche.

Buddhism classes

It will be taught by Rinpoche himself or other visiting teachers who will be arranged by Rinpoche. And there are specific Buddhism sessions and classes, which will provide to members only.

Charities and Culture activities

In order to continue the religion, culture and tradition, BHSMC will hold activities which related to Bhutan’s and Buddhism culture in the future.

Dharma Ceremony

Dharma Ceremony normally holds in specially designated dates,and most of them will be held in Taiwan.

Join us

Welcome to join us in any kind of support. Please contact us for detail, if you are willing to become a sponsor or volunteer to our organization.