Dakini Puja

Dakini is the female form of Energies in Tibetan Culture and beliefs. She appeared in many forms. As Vajrayogini, she is considered as the Mother of all Buddhas. As Prajna Paramita, she is considered as the Mother of Universe. As Yeshe Tsogyal, she is the Consort of Guru Rinpoche. She functioned as His consort in order to gather and codify His teachings, to be handed down to the future generations.

Dakini symbolizes primordial wisdom. She also symbolizes the great bliss of sphere emptiness and happiness for all sentient beings. It is said that if ones practices the Sadhana correctly and wholeheartedly, up-holds the positive thinking and faith, the practice of Dakini alone is more than enough for one to achieve the ultimate blessings.The practice of Dakini is traditionally conducted on every 25th of Tibetan Calendar.

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